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"the iPhone app that keeps you going"

Bit of Exercise strives to motivate active iPhone users to improve their training by introducing fully automated recording, flexible creation of workouts and detailed reviewing of results - all on the phone.

Whether you are running, walking or cycling, voice reports will guide you through your workout and motivate you to work harder by comparing your results with previous activities. Furthermore, your activities will automatically start recording when you leave your current location and end when you return - no need to fiddle with your phone during your workouts.

Study your progress and results in detail on your iPhone, both during and after your workout. Graphs and maps can be zoomed, and you can easily navigate to any point along your activity for further examination and comparison to your reference. A wealth of data and statistics are collected about your activities. It's almost as if you had a personal trainer - in your iPhone.

Bit of Exercise allows you to freely assemble workouts with several segments, such as interval, multi-sport and hill training workouts. Each individual segment can be set to start and end based on various criteria such as reaching a certain location or distance. This allows you to grow in your training and get your workouts tailored to you and your surroundings.

We respect your privacy by only storing your data locally on your iPhone. No account is required nor do you have to visit a web-site to fully access your data.


• Use the same feature rich dashboard both for recording and reviewing.
• Examine your exercise data in detail using displays, graphs, maps and splits.
• Configure displays and graphs to your liking and switch between day and night mode.


• Set up criteria to automate the start and end of activities and segments.
• Use basic criteria based on distance, duration or reaching a location.
• Or use smart criteria such as start when leaving and end when reaching activity start.
• Freely combine segments into arbitrary complex workouts.


• Get an overview of past and upcoming activities.
• Track measurements such as your body weight and waist.
• View weekly, monthly and yearly statistics and graphs.
• Filter your activities and statistics.
• Select activities to perform actions such as export.


• Get guidance and reports of your progress from spoken announcements.
• Watch your progress and how you compare with your reference in displays, graphs and maps in real-time.
• Let auto-pause detection remove non-active time from your activities.


• Use the progress bar to move your position to any part of your activity for closer examination.
• Zoom in on maps, graphs and splits to reveal more information.
• Compare your results with your reference.
• All data stored locally on your iPhone, and backed up by iCloud. No need to login or visit any web-site.


• Share your results with friends at RunKeeper, Strave and dailymile.
• Import your previous exercise history from RunKeeper, Strava and dailymile. 
• Import and export your exercise data using popular exchange formats such as GPX, TCX, KML and CSV.


• Annotate your activities with notes and how you felt.
• Tag your activities to keep track of equipment, events and conditions.


• Benefit from advanced GPS filtering.
• Improve your performance by using the built-in pedometer to measure your cadence and stride.
• Connect your ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 BTLE sensors to measure your heart rate, bike cadence and distance.


• Download and evaluate Bit of Exercise for free. 
• The demo version has a limit on the number of activities that can be recorded.
• Unlock the unlimited version using an in-app purchase.


• iPhone 4S or later
• iOS 9.1 or later

“Fantastic app and believe me - I’ve tried them all. The ghost-ride function is among the best and the app has some real killer features that stands out especially if you often take the same routes. On some routes you may choose automated start/stop on passing GPS points. It also predicts your route based on previous patterns and the time of day and week. Makes regular use very easy. Use it and you’ll never regret it.”

pss-peter - App Store Review

“Using this app makes me more competitive because it compares your exercise with previous exercises so it makes me work harder. The announcements make me feel like I have a personal trainer! This is a brilliant app.”

— jenbee6 - App Store Review

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